The Shy guy...

After the great morning session with the two icebergs in Torby on Saturday I decided to try my luck with a few Wilson Snipe at a small wetland near my friend Brendan's house. In the past we haven't had much luck with them since they are so secretive. Getting them out in the open is quiet the challenge. My plan was to try and photograph them early in spring just as they begin to look for a mate and claim territory. Also before the wetland began its regrowth making the challenge that much harder. With most of the vegetation in the area still flattened from the winter it allowed for a much more opened environment to shoot in.

I arrived at the area around 7:00am and could hear the snipe calling as I gathered my gear from the CRV. Minutes later I was laying in a marsh with a Wilson Snipe only feet away from me. The plan had worked and because the vegetation was still flattened it created various little mounds for this guy to perch up on. It appears this guy already has a mate so lets hope they have another successful year.

You can also see more images of this snipe and information about various projects my friend Brendan and I have been working on over at