Song Bird Update...

For the past few weeks I have been up early every morning before work and out most days during the weekend on the hunt for Song Birds. Like most things in photography I have had many days of failed attempts but I have also come away with what I feel are some beautiful images. Most of my time has been spent in areas 15 to 20 mins away from my home but I did manage to do some Song Bird Photography in Terrenceville which is something I have been wanting to do for a while. It was a little early in the Song Bird season when we made our trip out there but I was able to capture an image of a bird I did not expect to check off my list.

That bird would be the Beautiful Palm Warbler.


This bird is very difficult to find anywhere on the Avalon(the eastern part of the island where I live) so my expectations of photography one this year was very low. As I ventured down a dirt road outside of Terrenceville I heard this calling male Palm Warbler along the road side. I couldn’t believe my hears. It didn’t appear to be a typical habitat for this bird so I have a feeling it was passing through as following attempts to locate this bird on previous days turned up nothing.

During my visit to Terrenceville I was also able to check off the Ruby crowned Kinglet from my list which I found along the same dirt road.


These little guys are super spunky and so much fun to watch. This is one of my 7 year old daughters favorites as she likes his punk rocker hairdo LOL.

I was also able to bag this image of a Yellow-rumped Warbler which I really like. I have had lots of success with them this year.


On May 25th I made a visit to Butterpot Provincial Park which has a very lush and dense Boreal Forest. On this particular morning there were no clouds in the sky so this was the perfect opportunity to get deep into the forest canopy and try some back lit shots. Being in this type of environment my hopes were to capture images of a Hermit Thrush which was on my list for this year. I got lucky with one individual and came away with a few keeps


As mentioned the light was perfect for backlit shots so I took the opportunity to frame up this image as this White-throated Sparrow sang its heart out.


The next bird I was able to check off my list was another unexpected one and to be honest a bird I had completely forgot I had discovered about 5 years ago. While scouting a Common Loon location I happened to hear the calls of Common Yellowthroat. This is another bird; like the Palm Warbler that is not easy to find here on the Avalon. After an unsuccessful outing to Chance Cove, NL for Song Birds I made a quick stop at this Common YellowThroat location in hopes of re-hearing the bird. Sure enough there it was foraging in the ground level was great to see this bright Male once again


The final bird I have been able to check off my list so far this Song Bird session is the American Redstart. This bird is always tricky to get a clean image of it so when this guy hopped up on this branch I was happy to grab a few frames. Even though its not the prettiest of perches I still love it for its deep rich tones in the image.


With 5 more species checked off my list I am left with only 4 to go..the Golden crown Kinglet, Wilson Warbler(which I have a good image of but I think I can do better), Mourning Warbler and finally Blackpoll Warbler.

All in all its been a great Song Bird season so far. Here are a few other images from the past few weeks that I love:

Yellow Warbler with spider wed

Black & White Warbler


Northern Waterthrush

I hope you have enjoyed these as much as I have enjoyed capturing. In a few weeks I will send out another update( probably my final update) on my Song Bird Adventure this 2019 season.

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