Solitude is a state of seclusion or isolation i.e.; a lack of contact with people. We often see this state as a negative thing or even a sign of weakness. The thought of being alone is something I feared for many years and at the time I was surrounded by people. We often surround ourselves with people in hopes that they provide a sense of happiness in our lives and in some way motivate us to be a better person. That can create a false since of security inside us because what if one day we are alone...left to figure out life for ourselves? Can we stand on our own two feet without the back support of others?..for years my answer was no..until I found photography..

Photography started off as an escape from life for many years for me. A way to shut out the world around me. What I didn't realize was during that time I was reconnecting with myself. I was starting to understand what I loved about life, what made me happy. How I wanted to live my life. As photographers we often spend hours and hours alone in the field. Watching the world around us, connecting with nature and ourselves...its empowering. We often push ourselves further and further then we have before, both mentally and physically. Sure we will sometimes head out with fellow photographers or cross paths in the field sharing sightings or ideas but in the end most of us enjoy the many hours in the field alone. 

We should not fear being allows us the time to connect with ones self. It allows us the time to better understand who we are as individuals...because in the end with truly are individuals.

Last week I came across an image on line that spoke to me in this way. It made me think a lot about the word solitude and were I have come in the past few years in my life. How I have reached the happiest time in my life. I headed out Saturday morning to Flatrock, NL to capture my version of the vary image I saw online...and I've called it Solitude..

A Spruce tree stands on the cliffs of Newfoundland's rugged coastline braving the harsh conditions and growing stronger each year even though spending many winters encased in an ice wall alone.

Well now that I've either made you feel depressed or bored you to death lets jump into some more ice fall images I captured later that morning. The following shots were taken at Middle Cove. This location is well known for this beautiful ice structure. Many images have been captured hear but this is my first time photographing it. These images were capture in a single exposure and I used my recently purchased actions from Tony Kuyper to process them.

The power of Luminosity masks are mind blowing and have opened my eyes to the possibilities of landscape photography for myself. I look forward to getting to use them more and trying to perfect the art of landscape photography. 

After capturing a few decent shots of the ice I decided to make a quick stop to try and captured a glimpse a rare bird called a Brown Thrasher which has been hanging out in Pippy Park the past week or more. This guy has been pretty secretive but has provided many birders with great sightings as it comes out in the opened for a free handout of food. The area he visits is poorly light and covered in dense foliage so during my short visit with him I choose to get in my usually low profile and capture close ups as he feed. This allowed me to eliminate the surrounded food in my image and great a clean portrait.

  I have said it a million times and I will saw it again..GET has so many advantages with wildlife photography. If I had stood up or even knelt up I wouldn't have liked any of my shots as the surrounding snow would have been covered in seeds. With this low profile you get a nice clean image.