Making Memories...

On the evening of our fourth day Jenelle suggested we all go for a little drive around the Harbour and then out to the branch (which is up to the main road leading into Terrenceville). I grabbed my camera for the drive as I have learned the hard way when not having it. On the way out we grabbed some ice cream at the local store and off we went. 

Along the main road out of the town there are a few houses. As we were just passing one of the last houses something caught my eye. At first I thought it was a dog but then my brain registered that it was no dog..I quickly backed up and was able to grab a shot of this Coyote as it passed in front of the house. It turns out the owner of the house has been feeding the local fox and I guess this guy wanted in on the free meal.

It was my first time getting a good look at a Coyote so already the idea of a drive was looking good.

We continued on down the road and was nearing the end when again something caught my eye. I began to slow down when Jenelle said "That was a caribou out there wasn't it?" I backed up sure enough it was. 

About half a km out into the marsh were two stags (male caribou) walking along a shallow pond. They slowly moved along the edge appear to be leaving the pond when all of a sudden one decided he needed a drink. My heart sunk and mind began to race. There I was camera in hand, brand new sneakers/hikers on, nice clean clothes...what do I do? can I get all the way out there. Then it hit me..there was a dirt road just up the road from us that would bring me at least half way out there. I quickly pulled into the beginning of the road which was grown over and no way I would risk scratching the CR-V up. So I yelled out to the family as I opened the door "I'm gone"..500mmF4 in hand I began to run down the road...reaching the end I had already made up my mind that I was going all the way so over the small stream and into the wet boggy marsh I went. 

By the time I had reached the waters edge one caribou had already crossed and was walking along the side nearest to me.

I switched my attention to the other one that appeared at this point to be stuck.

With a few pushes he broke free and began to run trying to catch up to the other caribou who was on dry land soaking in the evening light. I was able to capture the whole sequence of the above caribou running through the water and these are a couple of my fav frames.

Once both on land they quickly turned there attention to me trying to figure out what I was. I kept a low profile as I moved to the right keeping myself down wind of them. Caribou will often approach trying to catch your scent which allow for great looks. Here are a few shots of both caribou trying to figure me out.

They quickly becoming disinterested in me and began their accent up the near by ridge and out of sight.

My adrenaline was pumping and I turned around to see that my family had drove back to the main road and had seen the whole experience. It was certainly one I will never forget...

Don't let anything stop you from doing what you love and experiencing life's greatest moments...respect all that is nature.