Minky Monday

After an amazing few days in Twillingate my family and I started our way home. We planned to take a more scenic and relaxed route back which include a stop over in Musgrave Harbour. Up until that point I hadn't realized Newfoundland had such beautiful beaches tucked away in it's rugged landscape. Here are a few sunrise shots from the beach..

We headed on to Eastport which was uneventful in terms of photography and then to Wesleyville or which is now called New Wes Valley because they combined three communities together(Newton, Wesleyville and Valleyfield). When I was a kid I spent many weekends in this fishing community. My Grandparents lived down by the waters edge and I remember spending many hours sitting on an old dock looking out at the water.

Upon our arrival at my uncles house (located right on the water just behind where my grandparents use to live) I took Jenelle and Lily(my daughter) over to his dock to show them where I use to sit as a child. To our surprise we had some company. It turned out there was a family of Minks that had setup residence underneath a wood pill just to the right of the dock. 

The sun was quickly beginning to set so my session that day was cut short. 

I was up bright and early the following morning to check in on the mink family. I slowly approached the waters edge and looked out to see that the whole family was out playing. The parents had four babies which at this point were almost full grown it seemed. 


One great thing about having more then one subject like this is that you can capture interactive moments between them like the one above. It often makes for a more interesting photo.

It was lots of fun watching these guys run around. The babies would chase the parents as they fished or sat back and watched trying to learn themselves..here one of the babies was looking down as the parent was fishing

Below is one of the parents scanning the waters

It was my first time with a family of Mink and turned out to be my daughters first wildlife experience(shes only 2 years old) and I think she is hooked already. At one point we had left the mink family to go play in the back yard ourselves and my daughter reached up and grabbed my hand..she started walking back to the dock and looked at me and said shhhhhh...she obviously wanted to see the minks again...lol I think I have a future photographer on my hands.