I am a Technical Support Analyst with the Federal Government and I live in Conception Bay South, Newfoundland. I've been doing wildlife photography for approximately five years and have to admit it has brought back the child in me. As a young boy, I was always interested in learning about animals, watched wildlife documentaries on TV, and read National Geographic magazines. When I picked up my first digital camera, I was hooked. I soon began to realize the fulfillment I felt from being creative with the camera. I remember heading out to a local pond looking for subjects to photograph and came upon a Great Blue Heron (I lived in Ottawa, Ontario at the time). Not owning a quality telephoto lens presented a challenge as I wanted to get closer and capture the beauty of this bird, study its behavior and learn more about it. This was the beginning of my so-called addiction. After some life changes, I moved back home to Newfoundland in 2010. With this new found passion, I've set a goal as a wildlife photographer to capture the beauty of animals, especially birds, and in so doing, show people that not only does Newfoundland have a magnificent rugged landscape but that it is 'home' to an amazing array of different wildlife.

My work has gotten International recognition from various magazines such as BBC Wildlife Magazine, L'image magazine, iBird App and the back cover of Canadian Geographic magazine Best of Birds 2015 (also have images inside as well). I've also written a book called Beauty of Nature which show cases many of the bird species I've encountered so far on the island. The book also provides various tips and useful information on wildlife photography and lists some of the best places to see and photograph wildlife on the island. Purchase your copy now by following the link in the sidebar called Book - Beauty of Nature.